Vendor Selection

Kotrade believes anti-counterfeit processes begins with Vendor Selection. Managing risk by working with like minded quality companies.

  • Tier one Global Distributors
  • CEMS / OEM excess inventory with Franchise Traceability
  • Sourcing in order of reliabilty: US, Europe then Asia
  • Buying from Manufacturer Reps in Europe and Asia
  • Trusted vendors with history and positive recommendations
  • Preference for companies that are ISO, ERAI, IDEA etc. members
  • Companies that have Anti-Counterfeit testing process
  • 25 Years of Reliable Global Sourcing


    Kotrade's testing capabilities are comprehensive and are designed to evaluate parts through an number of test processes.

    Kotrade utilizes the top US test facilities to qualify non-distribution parts from the open market. Third party testing eliminates internal "sales pressure" and ensures unbiased testing results.

    Test Details
    • Markings Comparison
    • Visual Inspection
    • Marking Permanence testing
    • Solderability testing
    • Acid Decapsulation
    • Fluorescence RoHS compliance
    • Automated X-Ray Inspection
    • Electrical Function testing

    Markings Comparison

    Comparison of known markings to markings on parts
    Utilize top markings database to compare
    Older parts may have many variations due to manufacturing location or date

    Visual Inspection

    Using microscope for detailed analysis
    Looking for signs of top coating, scratches, sanding, chips
    Check leads for corrosion, bends, re-tinning, solder
    BGA uniformity, no missing balls, signs of re-balling

    Marking Permanence

    Chemical Solvent used to move any non-original coating and marking
    Process will uncover original markings on the part
    First step in catching counterfeit parts


    Test for solderability using J-STD-002D criteria
    Kotrade can re-tin part for RoHS or Leaded requirements

    Acid Decapsulation

    Is the process of removing the external surface to reveal the internal die.
    Part is compared with know gold sample or checked against die database
    Destructive test and 1 part per date code is lost

    Fluorescence RoHS compliance

    Using either chemical or fluorescence methods
    Part is checked for leadfree or RoHS status

    X-Ray Inspection

    X-Ray inspection reveals internal structure of part
    Ensures that all bond wire strands in part are not damaged
    Ball solder and void detection
    Die verification, ball grid measurements

    Elecrical Testing

    Electrical testing to manufactures published parameters
    Basic level parametric testing to Mil STD 833 level
    Programming and Memory testing of over 47,000+ devices EPROMS, FPGA, Flash Memory, CPLD, EPLD, MCU and logic devices Depth of test is dependant on type of part