Kotrade has partnered with leading test houses in the USA that are certified for AS9100 / AS9120 / ISO 9001:2015, Mil-STD-833 standards.

Kotrade recognizes the new threat to the global supply chain by counterfeit or sub-standards parts. For several years we have implemented a quality process that identifies and eliminates those threats.

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25 Years of Reliable Global Sourcing


Complete Process Driven QA Program

Managing Risk
  • Risk analysis for each part
  • Open discussion on risks and supply outlook
  • Pro-active vendor qualification
  • Incoming visual including microscope inspection
  • Tier 1 test lab facilities
  • Testing costs included in pricing

Kotrade utilizes the top USA test facilities to qualify open market parts. Third party testing eliminates internal "sales pressure" and ensures unbiased testing results.

  • Markings comparison
  • Visual Inspection
  • Marking permanence testing
  • Solderability testing
  • Acid Decapsulation
  • Fluorescence RoHS compliance
  • Automated X-Ray Inspection
  • Electrical Function testing

Quallity Focused
ISO9001, AS9120, ESD, IPC/JEDEC, MIL-STD Standards
Qualified Labs
Top Experts in the field